Pet Diseases

In recent years, the number of pets has continued to increase. At present, the number of pets in my country ranks third in the world, but the proportion of pet households is only 6%, which is still far below the market penetration rate of over 30% in the United States and Japan. Rising “rigid demand” market. Unlike other animals, pets are often part of the family and have an emotional bond and sustenance with the pet owner. Compared with traditional detection methods, UltraDx’s nucleic acid detection system detects more accurately, directly locates the pathogen, and effectively eliminates false detection and missed detection. Results can be obtained in only 30 minutes, helping veterinarians to diagnose quickly and treat accurately.

REF No. Description REF No. Description
UBP-P00132I Canine distemper virus detection kit UBP-P02932I Babesia detection kit
UBP-P00232I Canine Parvovirus Detection Kit UBP-P03032I Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection kit
UBP-P00332I Canine adenovirus type I detection kit UBP-P03132I Eperythrobody detection kit
UBP-P00432I Canine Coronavirus Detection Kit UBP-P03232I Cryptosporidium detection kit
UBP-P00532I Canine Rotavirus Detection Kit UBP-P03332I Giardia detection kit
UBP-P00632I Canine adenovirus type II detection kit UBP-P03432I Fetal Tritrichomoniasis Detection Kit
UBP-P00732I Canine parainfluenza virus detection kit UBP-P03532I Cat cup herpes dual rapid detection kit
UBP-P00832I A type H3N2 influenza virus detection kit UBP-P03632I Canine plague small double rapid detection kit
UBP-P00932I A type H3N8 influenza virus detection kit UBP-P03732I Canine and cat mycoplasma chlamydia dual rapid detection kit
UBP-P01032I Babesia gibbsiella detection kit UBP-P03832I Pasteurella multocida Real Time PCR Kit
UBP-P01132I Ehrlichia detection kit UBP-P03932I Canine Respiratory Tract Seven-Link Rapid Detection Kit
UBP-P01232I Canine Mycoplasma Hemophilus Detection Kit UBP-P04032I Canine digestive tract six-unit rapid detection kit
UBP-P01332I Canine Hepatic Cluster Test Kit UBP-P04132I Canine anemia seven-unit rapid detection kit
UBP-P01432I Amorphous body detection kit UBP-P04232I Dog physical examination seven-unit rapid detection kit
UBP-P01532I Borrelia burgdorferi detection kit UBP-P04332I Cat Respiratory Tract Six-unit Rapid Detection Kit
UBP-P01632I Cat Distemper Detection Kit UBP-P04432I Cat digestive tract six-unit rapid detection kit
UBP-P01732I Cat Calicivirus Detection Kit UBP-P04532I Cat anemia five-unit rapid detection kit
UBP-P01832I Feline Herpes Virus Detection Kit UBP-P04632I Bacillus anthracis Real Time PCR Kit
UBP-P01932I Feline infectious peritonitis virus rapid detection kit UBP-P04732I Cat Passing Abdomen (14 mutations) Corona Double Rapid Detection Kit
UBP-P02032I Feline Leukemia Virus Detection Kit UBP-P04832I Human Parvovirus B19 Real Time PCR Kit quantitative
UBP-P02132I Cat HIV Test Kit UBP-P04932I Cat Stomatitis Wulian Rapid Detection Kit
UBP-P02232I Cat Haemophilus Mycoplasma Detection Kit UBP-P05032I Meningococcus Real Time PCR Kit
UBP-P02332I Cat Coronavirus Detection Kit UBP-P05132I Cat Respiratory Tract Six-unit Rapid Detection Kit
UBP-P02432I Rabies detection kit UBP-P05232I Cat transmission abdomen (15 mutation points) detection kit
UBP-P02532I Brucella detection kit UBP-P05332I Seven-unit rapid detection kit for cat physical examination
UBP-P02632I Bordetella bronchiseptica detection kit UBP-P05432I Seven-link rapid detection kit for human and pet comorbidities
UBP-P02732I Rickettsia detection kit UBP-P05532I Five-unit rapid detection kit for cat and dog parasites
UBP-P02832I Bartonella detection kit