Auto-Pure Mini Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Auto-Pure Mini automatic nucleic acid extractor is a product that is further miniaturized on the basis of the existing nucleic acid extractor.
The overall volume of the instrument is only about one-fourth of the common nucleic acid extractor on the market. Although the size of the instrument has been reduced, it has not shrunk in performance, meeting the extraction requirements of common nucleic acid extraction reagents. Moreover, the instrument has the function of unlimited data transmission. With the mobile phone APP, it can realize the remote editing and transmission of the instrument’s program and real-time view of the running log.




  • Simple and intelligent operation

1.Built-in lighting LED, real-time observation of the operating status of the instrument.

2.Graphical interface design makes the operation of the instrument easier.

3.Configure mobile phone APP software, edit, set, and manage programs more easily.

  • Field experiment

1.Special design of the instrument, small size, easy to carry.

2.Support low power consumption mode, such as when the battery is used for power supply, the display will automatically stop when it is not used for a long time.

3.External power supply, DC24V/5A, allowing battery power supply.

  • High-quality fast extraction

1.Up to 16PCS 1mL samples can be processed simultaneously.

2.The use of lead screw drive to achieve lifting movement, high precision.

3.UV sterilization function to reduce the contamination of samples between different batches.

  • Open design, free editing of programs

1.Accurate temperature control of room temperature +5℃~120℃.

2.Open software design, simple setting can complete the program setting.

3.Complete software functions, suitable for all kinds of magnetic bead reagents.

4.Diversified mixing and magnetic absorption methods are conducive to reagent optimization.

5.Use the same consumables as Auto-Pure 32A, and the corresponding reagents can be used directly.

Technical Specification

Type Auto-Pure Mini
Throughput 1~16
Processing volume 20~1000μL
Consumable Special magnetic rod cover, 96 deepwell plate, special single sample kit
Principle/working mode Magnetic bead method, magnetic rod; method/up and down mixing
Stability CV≤3%
Magnetic bead recovery rate >95%
Lysis temperature Room temperature ~100℃
Elution temperature Room temperature ~100℃
Shaking mode Mixed mode of editing different needs
Operation interface 4.3 touch screen, 3 shortcut keys and external keyboard
Internal procedures Preset 6 groups of programs, can store 100 groups of programs
Program management New, edit, save as, delete
Instrument port Standard USB, Ethernet port, WiFi
Lighting Yes
Purification&sterilization Fan exhaustion, UV sterilization
Size 200x260x300mm
Weight 7kg