HPV Sample Collection Kit:

This kit is composed by cervix sampler/brush, sampling tube and cell preservation medium, It’s mainly used for inspection of cast-off cells of cervix, hydrothorax and fine needle aspiration cytology, urinary sediment test. Especially for the early diagnostic of women cervical cancer.

Sampling tube:

The tube and cover were made by PP material, autoclavable(121 ℃, 15 minutes), It can withstand extrusion and strike. Taper design on the bottom to withstand shaking and centrifugation . Sample preservation medium was preset inside the tube, totally leakage proof.

HPV cell preservation medium:

The HPV cell preservation medium can inhibit the growing of bacteria, It can keep the integrity of nucleic acid and keep the shape of cells.

Cervix sampler/brush:

The material of the brush for cervix sampler is Nylon, which is very soft material, The diameter is 0.05mm. it makes the brush can take enough cell samples from the cervix uteri. The sticker of the cervix sampler is made by ABS, a break-point design makes the break-off of sticker easily, No small fragment exists when breaking off the sticker.