LED Low Speed Centrifuge

Ultrassay LED low speed centrifuge are versatile and can be used in applications from clinical to biochemical for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, blood, and urine. Which widely used in PRP/PRF separation, medical routine practice in hospital, clinic or research institute.

gradeKey Features
  • Quiet, compact, and convenient with LCD display
  • Maximum up to 4000rpm Speed can be set in RPM/RCF, with 3 customizable routine programs (Blood, Urine & Fecal)3 acceleration level & 4 level deceleration
  • Maximum capacity 50mL ×4, Accommodating different sizes of blood collection tubes and centrifuge tubes suitable for swing out rotor and angle rotor
  • Automatic internal diagnosis and self-detection
  • Maintenance-free brush-less DC motor
gradeTechnical Specification
Model DM0408
Max. Speed 500-4000rpm, increment: 10rpm
Max. RCF 1900×g
Speed accuracy ±100rpm
Capacity Angel 8×15mL(Default),

Angel 12×10mL

Run Time 1-99min, HOLD
Acceleration and deceleration time 25s↑35s↓
Driving Motor Brushless DC motor
Display LCD
Safety Performance Automatic internal diagnosis,
Program Blood: 3200rpm, 10min

Urine: 1800rpm,5min

Faecal: 1300rpm, 10min

Power Single phase, 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension (D×W×H) 286×367×227mm
Weight 9.2kg
Noise ≤60dB(A)