Multi-Purpose Low-Speed Centrifuge

Ultrassay DM0636 Multi-Purpose Low-Speed Centrifuge is ideal for chemistry, cytology, research laboratories, industrial laboratories and other. This is suitable for tubes with caps, blood collection or urine tubes.

Swing-out rotors and adapters can be compatible with standard tubes up to 100mL at low speed.

Which widely used in PRP/PRF separation, medical routine practice in hospital, clinic or research institute.

gradeKey Features
  • Speed from 300-6000 rpm
  • Maximum capacity : 100 mLx4
  • 9 Acceleration/10 Brake speed settings to ensure optimal separation
  • A wide range of rotors optional(fixed angle and swing-out rotors)
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • Pulse Key for quick spin
  • 9 procedures stored in memory makes the operation much simplified
  • Maintenance-free brush-less DC motor
  • Suitable for tubes with caps, blood collection or urine tubes
  • Comprehensive and versatile range of accessories
gradeTechnical Specification
Model DM0636
Max. Speed 300-6000rpm, increment: 10rpm
Max. RCF 4100×g
Speed accuracy ±20rpm
Capacity 100mlx4
Run Time 30sec-99mins/continuous
Acceleration and deceleration time 9↑/10↓steps
Driving Motor Brushless DC motor
Display LCD
Safety Performance Door Imbalance protection Over speed & Over temperature detection
Program memory 9
Power 660W; Single-phase

AC220V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 6.3A;


Dimension (D×W×H) 570×445×295mm
Weight 36kg
Noise ≤65dB(A)