Nano-400A Micro-Spectrophotometer

Nano-400A ultra-micro nucleic acid analyzer is an instrument used to detect the concentration and purity of DNA and RNA. The sample size required for each measurement is only 1.0 to 2μl. User can directly add the sample point to the template without colorizing cup or capillary accessories.







  • Nano-400A is a basic micro-volume UV spectrophotometer designed (only 3 types of wavelength: 260nm, 280nm and 365nm) for the measurement of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Android system operation, 7 inch touch screen no computer, APP software, simple interface, easy to use
  • To detect the concentration of bacteria and microorganism are more convenient with the OD600 function
  • Measures nucleic acid concentration at 260nm and purity using the ratio 260/280
  • Measure purified protein concentration at 280nm
  • The data can be printed with built-in printer, the data can output via SD-RAM card and USB memory

Technical Specification

Type Nano-400A
Wavelength range 260nm, 280nm
Minimum sample size 1-2.0μl
Path length 0.5mm
Light source LED
Detector type UV-sillion photocell
Spectral resolution
Absorbance precision
Absorbance accuracy 1% (7.332Abs at 260nm)
Absorbance range 0.2 – 80A
Detects nucleic acid up to 10-4000ng/μl (dsDNA)
Measurement time <8S
Data output USB
Sample pedestal materia Aluminum alloy and Quartz fiber
Operating voltage 24V DC
Operating power 25W
Standby power 5W
Dimension (WxDxH)mm 210×280×181
Weight 3.5kg
Software compatibility Android system
OD600nm measurement
Light source LED
Wavelength range 600±8nm
Absorbance range 0-4A