Plasma Gel Maker

Ultrassay Plasma Gel Maker is the important equipment to made blood plasma into autologous collagen.

It adopts advanced cooling and heating system to control the temperature accurately.

Preparation of plasma into protoplasmic gels, replaced the high cost filler.

With good features of no toxic and noside effect, it promotes better activity of growth factors and is widely used in the medical aesthetic industry.

gradeKey Features
  • temperature of 90℃, with support for timed and continuous operation;
  • Double LEDs for independent display of temperature and time;
  • With two separate bins: a heating bin and a cooling bin,individually timed and independent of each other, each bin can store syringes ranging from 1~5ml at the same time;
  • Two programs, easy to start the procedure by one key;
  • A sophisticated cooling system eliminates the need for cumbersomecooling of heated protoplasmic gels;
  • Safe and stable, with a timer that starts when the temperature rise reaches the set temperature and an alarm when the machine is finished running.
gradeTechnical Specification
Temperature Setting Range 10~90℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Time Setting Range 0s ~ 99mins59s
Display LED
Max Heating Speed (RT ~ 90℃) <10 mins
Max Cooling Speed (90℃ ~ RT) <4 mins
Capacity 1~5ml, 10 positions (Heating or Cooling)
Run Time Timed/Continuous operation
Preloaded Program 2
Power Consumption 260W
Power Supply AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Overall Dimension 330x220x130mm
Net Weight 4.2kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature and Humidity 5~40℃, 80%RH