UltraDx™ Automated Sample Preparation System

UltraDx™ UB-DC48 Automated Sample Preparation System directly loads samples from collection tubes with caps. The excellent functions of auto uncap and cap, pipetting, barcode scanning, and PCR system establishment realize automation of nucleic acid sample preparation with full process monitoring.

gradeMain Feature
  • Fully automatic sample preparation start from loading sample tubes with caps. Construct PCR system after nucleic acid purification.
  • Automatically add Proteinase K, Internal standard, etc.
  • Auto Scan barcode to obtain sample information and connected to network.
  • The pipette detects and follow the liquid level with multiple pipette modes.
  • Program controls the risk of error and omission. Full process monitoring prevent deviance.
  • Adapt multiple collection tubes of 1, 3, 5 and 10ml.
  • Support dispensing in deep well plates used for 16 or 96 tests.
  • Match common nucleic acid extraction system of 32, 48 and 96 channels.
  • Directional exhaust and HEPA filter create negative pressure, so no external biological safety cabinet needed. Drip tray prevents pollution from accident drip.
  • The built-in UV lights in the experimental and waste cabin disinfect regularly.
  • Uncap collection tubes one by one to prevent cross contamination.
gradeTechnical Specification
Name Automated Sample Preparation System
Model UB-DC48
Function Auto uncap and cap, scan barcode, solution pipetting and dispensing
Throughput 1-48
CV Value Below 15uL: CV<=3%, 15uL-50uL: CV<=1.5%, Above 50uL: CV<=1%
Pipetting Volume 5uL – 1000uL
Pipetting Channel 1 Channel
Pipetting System Liquid level detection and following by air pressure, alarm when detect invalid aspiration and clogged needle
Collection Tubes Adapt multiple size of 1, 3, 5 and 10ml, support common vacuum blood collection tubes
Anti-Pollution Directional exhaust and HEPA filter, built-in UV lamp, drip tray
Pipette Tips 96*2pcs 1000uL tips or 96pcs 1000uL and 96pcs 50uL tips
PCR Tubes 12pcs PCR 8-strip tube, compatible with 0.1ml and 0.2ml or 1 pc PCR 96-strip tube plate
Abnormal Alarm Alarm reminds insufficient of reagents and consumables, supports addition midway
Program Setting Free edition and large memory to store a variety of programs
Interface & Software 10.1” touch screen, Win10 in Chinese and English, monitor all the processes of pipetting and dispensing
Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 300VA
Dimension 540mm x 740mm x 670mm
Weight 80kg