Universal Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Spin Column)

[REF] UBE-S00250J    UBE-S002200J

[Specification] 50 preps/kit  200 preps/kit

[Research Use Only]

Ultrassay Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Spin Column) is used for quick and simple genomic DNA extraction from various samples including blood, cells and tissues.

[Test Principles]

The spin column is made of new type silica membrane which can bind DNA optimally on given salt and pH conditions. The extraction process does not require phenol-chloroform extraction. The residual protein, salt and other impurities are removed through rapid and sufficient washing steps.

The extracted genomic DNA has large fragments, high purity, and good stability. It can be directly used for PCR, enzyme digestion and hybridization experiments.

[Storage Conditions and Shelf Life]

All the buffers can be stored dry at room temperature (15-25°C) for up to 12 months. Please check whether there is crystallization or precipitate in Buffer DA and Buffer DLT before use. If any, please re-dissolve Buffer DA and Buffer DLT in a 37°C water bath.

[Acceptable Specimens]

Blood, Cells and Tissues.

[Instruction for use]