Auto-Pure 4800 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Auto-Pure 4800 automatic nucleic acid extraction system is a 48-through-put automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, based on the magnetic bead method to extract nucleic acids. During the purification process, the steps of pipetting, lysis, washing, elution, and PCR system set-up can be done automatically in the workstation. One-stop operation, without manual intervention, can extract 48 x 1mL samples at the same time, which is more efficient and convenient than manual and semi-automatic extraction. At the same time, standardized and automated operation steps avoid human error, the experimental results are more reliable and repeatable. 3pcs UV lamps sterilization and negative pressure filtration system effectively prevent cross-contamination. As an efficient smart workstation, Auto-Pure 4800 can bring you a better product experience.


  • Fast & flexible experiment

1.Time for the extraction: 48 samples – 15 ~ 30 min (depending on different reagents)

Time for the pipette sample: 48 samples – 13 min

Time for PCR set-up: 48 samples – 10min

2.Bottled or prefilled reagents can be selected for extraction according to actual needs

3.Modular design of the work-table. And it can be customized for the layout of different forms

  • High-precision liquid handling

1. 1+2 pipettors combination can meet various needs of sample, extraction reagent and PCR reagent

2.The pipettor’s pressure detection technology cannot only detect the height of the liquid level, but also empty suction, residual liquid volume and blockage detection

3.Detailed pipetting parameter settings for different liquids can effectively improve the accuracy

  • Effective cross-contamination prevention

1.Air displacement pipetting principle to avoid liquid contamination

2.Anti-hanging drop technology to avoid dropping contamination

3.Negative pressure filter system to prevent aerosol contamination

4.Full coverage UV sterilization, exhaustive to clean the work-table

  • Easy-to-learn operating software

1.Graphical user interface, program editing can be completed without complicated operations

2.Built-in comprehensive libraries of consumable carriers, and liquids to reduce customer program matching time

3.Users can simply select according to their needs to complete the whole process of liquid handling,extraction, and PCR / qPCR set-up

  • Open and reliable nucleic acid extraction system

1.Open software designing, it can be suitable for matching most of the magnetic-beads based on extraction reagents

2.Various magnetic absorption methods can effectively solve problems of residual magnetic beads

  • Vortex magnetic beads and PCR reagent block

1. Specially designed for magnetic beads, the vortex is stable which improves the efficiency of the experiment

2. The PCR reagent block can be be pre-cooled in the refrigerator before working

3. The PCR reagent block can be customized according to customer needs

Technical Specification

Parameter/Model Auto-Pure 4800
Function Automatic pipette samples and reagents, extract
nucleic acid and set-up PCR systems
Heating temperature Elution temperature control: RT+5℃~120℃
Lysis temperature control: RT+5℃~120℃
Support external USB scanner, barcode scanning
function, automatic scanning function
Cooling module 4℃~100℃ (Optional)
Pipetting principle Air displacement pipetting technology UV sterilization Separate UV lamp: extraction area,
pipetting area and waste container area
Pipettor Two 1000μL pipettors and one 200μL pipettor Instrument port USB port
Pipetting range (μL) 1~1000 Power supply 100-240V ±10%, 50-60Hz ±5%
Tips Allsheng tips, and other tips compatible with this instrument Magnetic rods 48
Liquid detection Pressure detection: liquid level detection, tip
clogging detection and residual liquid detection
Power Maximum 450W
Samples per run 1~48 Computer system Win10
Elution volume (μL) 40~200 Operating humidity 20%~90%
Extraction uniformity CV ≤5% Size (W x D x H) mm 1090x700x724