Ball Grinding Mill

Ultrassay BM-2100 ball grinding mill is designed with various optional accessories for modern laboratory applications, friendly UI design and preset programs can help users save a lot time. It can process small amount as well as large batch samples of plants, animal tissue and small quantity samples in dry or wet condition. High speed vibration provides an excellent mixing and homogenizing to samples in only a few seconds. This mill can work well in researches of biology, chemistry, pharmacology, Minerals, Medicine and etc.

Key Feature
  • Enhanced motor, high quality bearing
  • Touch screen, custom and preset programs
  • High efficiency grinding, maintenance-free
  • Safe security with protective hood
  • Double-position operation
  • Various accessories/adapters for option
Technical Specification
Model BM-2100
Speed 180rpm-2100rpm
Sample batch 2 batches
Feed size According to tubes size
Final fineness ~5µm
Grinding beads diameter 0.1-30mm
Acceleration 2s
Deceleration 2s
Sample capacity 96x2ml / 64x2ml / 48x2ml / 16x2ml / 10x5ml Custom grinding tubes: 2x15ml / 2x25ml / 2x35ml / 2x50ml Standard tubes: 8x50ml
Grinding method Dry or Wet
Tube adapter material POM/ Nylon/Al Alloy
Custom grinding tube material Teflon/Stainless steel
Votalge AC200 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Dimension (W×D×H) 530x350x311mm

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