1. Disposable Cervical Sampler/Cervical Sampling Kit
  2. Disposable Sterile cervical sampler is available for sampling in clinical cervical cells, smear use for TCT, LCT, LPT, HPV and other liquid-based cytology system. The product is based on women with cervical anatomy design, shape appropriate cervical anatomical structure, product sampling by the sampling head and shank composition.
  3. It is used in gynecological cervical sampling, there is soft, without any damage to the cervix mucous cells exist and all-inclusive manipulate, analyze the advantages of simple.
  4. It is using the putter design, to avoid secondary contamination after collection..
  5. It is composed of stick and sampling brush.
  6. The shape and length of cervix cell sampler can be adapted to the cervix dissection structure, soft and intensive, It can collect more tissue specimen and do less harm to the tissue,100% cells can be collected to the preservation medium.