eCP225 Microplate Centrifuge


eCP225 microplate centrifuge is an instantaneous centrifuge specially designed for microplate. It is suitable for:

0.2ml PCR tube strip

8×0.2ml PCR tube strips

96-well or 384-well PCR plates

Various standard PCR microplates (including skirted)


  • Two operating modes: inching and timing
  • Instantaneous acceleration to 2500 rpm and stop in 6 s with electronic brake
  • Wall droplets rapidly cleared
  • Efficiently improves PCR experiment result
  • Top cover opening 95° for easy operation


Rotor Angle Rotor
Rotating Speed 2500rpm +- 5%
Centrifugal Force 480g
Rotating Direction Counterclockwise
Rotor Capacity 2 x 96 PCR plate
Starting Time 15s
Stopping Time <=25s
Motor DC brushless motor, low noise ball bearing
Power Input AC 110-250V 50/60Hz
Dimension 345x289x168 mm
Net Weight 6.5kg
Safety Standard Complying with IEC 61010-2-020