Fluorescence Microscope


Ultrassay NE900 Series scientific grade fluorescence microscope is intelligent innovation products, modular design more advanced, more comfortable operation, a variety of observation methods to meet the different needs of customers, for laboratory and clinical microscope operation and application, has brought a revolutionary breakthrough. It also can be used to capture the images and video of FISH hybridization.
1. Optical system: NIS60 infinity optical system.
2. Magnification times: 40X—1000X.
3. Eyepiece: Large field of vision eyepiece SW10X/25, high point, -5 ~ +5 visual adjustable.
4. Observation head: hinged trinocular observation head, 30° tilt, fixed eyesight, pupil distance 47-78mm, visual/digital three-speed split ratio: 100/0, 20/80, 0/100, can meet different needs.
5. Nosepiece: Inclined-inside positioning sextuple converters, comfortable rotation, accurate and reliable positioning;
6. Objective lens: NIS60 infinite plan semi-apo achromatic fluorescence special objective lens: the use of multi-layer coating technology, to ensure the fluorescence.
Image sharpness, clarity and color reducibility provide high quality and high performance solutions for digital imaging
 4X               NA=0.13   WD=16.5
 10X              NA=0.3    WD=8.1
 20X              NA=0.5    WD=2.1
 40X(spring)      NA=0.75   WD=0.7
 100X(spring, oil) NA=1.3    WD=0.15
7. Condenser: swing condenser, N.A 0.9/0.25, adjustable rack and pinion, adjustable, adjustable, aperture light bar and scale mark, can put φ 45 mm various color filter.
8. Stage: steel wire structure carrier platform, Gorilla (Corning) glass countertop “never wear”, dovetail structure; Dimensions: 302X152mm, excluding the wings for 190X152 (mm), mobile range 78X32(mm), 1mm per cell, accuracy 0.1mm; Right hand pull or left hand low coaxial operation handle, mobile handle can lift 18mm, elastic adjustable, can put the hand in a comfortable position to easily move the loading platform; The convex guide mechanism facilitates single hand slicing.
9. Focusing system: low hand coaxial focusing mechanism (with limit and elastic adjustment ring), in line with ergonomic design, to give users the maximum degree of comfort; Focusing range 35mm, fine tuning grid value 1um.
10. ECO lighting system: 220VAC, 24V100W Halogen lamp (s-LED lighting optional), external halogen lamp lighting, adjustable center, adjustable brightness; After the operator leaves for more than 30 minutes (time can be set), the microscope will automatically turn off the transmission light source. The energy saving switch not only saves energy, but also protects the service life of the light source.
11. Fluorescent vertical lighting device: B, G double excitation light wave filter component.
Six-hole fluorescence filter fast rotary table, all fluorescence filter parts adopt ultra-high performance color filter, which can image all kinds of dyed specimens at the same time. Light switch is set at the front of vertical illuminator, which can cut off fluorescence lighting and protect samples;
B Excited light wave filter component: Excited BP460-490  Barrier BA520  Dichroic mirror DM500
G Excited light wave filter component: Excited BP510-550  BarrierBA590  Dichroic mirrorDM570
U Excited light wave filter component: Excited BP330-385  Barrier BA420  Dichroic mirror DM400
V Excited light wave filter component: Excited BP400-410  Barrie BA455  Dichroic mirror DM455
12. 2light source: osram 100WHBO Ultra-high pressure ballal mercury lamp.
13. Observation screen: UV protection baffle.
14. Power box: power box nfp-1, 220V/110V ac input (switchable), digital display with timer;
Automatic protection device: the mercury lamp should be operated for at least 15 minutes before it can be cut off. If the mercury lamp is incorrectly turned off, the digital display tube of the power box will countdown until the mercury lamp has been operated for 15 minutes before it can be cut off. After cutting off at least 3 minutes of cooling before re-opening, this effectively protect the service life of mercury lamp; Mercury lamp work for 300 hours, digital display tube flashing, prompt to replace the lamp; The fan of a power box is a low-noise fan with double ball bearings. It features large flow, long service life, and low noise.