Gene-8C Isothermal Fluorescence PCR

Gene-8C is an Isothermal fluorescence PCR instrument, it is a compact, lightweight, low cost, stand alone, sensitive instrument suitable for field based and point of care diagnostic applications.





  • Small footprint, low-cost and easy to use, suitable for bench top and field applications
  • Purpose-designed sophisticated instruments that support any isothermal DNA/RNA amplification method employing fluorescence readout
  • 7 inch touchscreen, and offers stand-alone operation, it no need for a host computer
  • Support eight standard 0.2ml tubes
  • One channel or two channel fluorescence detection per tube
  • Easy to use advanced desktop software and APP software (Android mobile) for the test configuration management and export
  • Testing temperature range: RT. to 99℃
  • PC software, APP software and bulit-in software for powerful and validated data analysis and review
  • Easy access to data via USB interface and WIFI
  • Use independently via touch screen, link to computer via a  USB cable or link to android mobile via WIFI
  • To link printer via USB cable and print the text data and results which you require
  • Mains or battery-powered

Technical Specification

Type Gene-8C
Sample number 8 wells (1×8 strip)
Sample volume 15μl-150μl
Touchscreen 7 inch
Temperature control range ambient-99℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature uniformity ±0.15℃@39℃
Heating speed 2 ℃/s
Cooling speed 2 ℃/s
Channel one
Optics source F1: 470nm
Detection F1: 525nm
Power adapter DC15V 8A
Dimension (WxDxH)mm 145x305x100
Weight 1.9kg