Ultrassay Real Time qPCR System Archimed X4/X6

Ultrassay developed the new optical signal acquisition technology based on Fresnel lens, the unique time-resolved detection technology and the unique thermal control technology enable Ultrassay series to reach the international advanced level in terms of detection sensitivity, multi-color crosstalk, thermal uniformity and accuracy. At the same time, the product design concept and manufacturing process based on the global perspective have endowed Ultrassay with excellent quality at the international level. Ultrassay will uphold the craftsman spirit of intelligent manufacturing and pursuit of excellence, and work together with globe users to achieve the future.

Main Features:

  • Sensitivity – based on Fresnel lens, special high efficiency silicon photomultiplier tubes (MPPC) and long life and maintenance-free LED a new type of optical signal detection technology, further enhance the detection sensitivity of the existing technology;
  • Accurate and reliable, innovative way of scanning and time-resolved signal separation technology, effectively avoid multicolor fluorescence detection optical path cross interference;
  • Multiple test – as many as six channel optical detection ability, fully meet the needs of you to carry out multiple PCR reaction;
  • Fast stability – based on temperature control module of precious metals and the edge of the unique temperature compensation technology, make the system of the thermal cycle rate, temperature uniformity and accuracy reached a new height;
  • Flexible and convenient, support SYBR Green rapid scanning mode;
  • Easy to use, and fully functional software of form a complete set of human nature, can provide you with sample detection, data calculation, analysis of the results of a full range of solutions;
  • Excellent quality, the internationalization of product design and development philosophy, ensure the quality and the excellent properties of each instrument.

Technical Specification

Thermal Cycler Optical Detection
Block capacity 96 Excitation Source Long-life, high-performance LED
Sample volume 10-50ul Detector Highly sensitive MPPC with Fresnel lens
Heating/cooling method Peltier Scanning Principle Time-resolved scanning technology
Maximum Ramp Rate 6/S Detector Position Top of the block
Temperature Range 4-100 Excitation/detection Range 455-650nm/510-715nm
Heating Lid Automatic Fluorescence Channel 4 Channels

6 Channels

Temperature Accuracy 0.2 Detection Sensitivity 1 copy
Temperature Uniformity 0.2 System Sensitivity Detect differences as small as 1.33-fold in target quantities in singleplex reactions
Gradient Zone 12 columns Dynamic Range 10 orders of magnitude
Gradient Range 1-36 Dye Compatibility FAM/SYBR Green, VIC/JOE/HEX/TET, NED/TAMRA/Cy3, JUN, ROX/Texas Red, Mustang Purple, Cy5/LIZ
Data Analysis Modes
*Absolute Quantification    *Relative Quantification     *Endpoint qualitative analysis
*Melt curve analysis        *Protein Stability Screening  *Genotyping
Data Export
Customizable reports containing run settings, data graphs, and spreadsheets can be directly exported or saved as Excel, txt, PDF.