UltraDx iCube Rapid Molecular POCT System

UltraDx iCube is a rapid nucleic acid detection device which based on LAMP and optical chromogenic detection and interpretation technology. The device is combined with a variety of nucleic acid colorimetric rapid detection kits for pet infectious diseases. Through nucleic acid amplification at a constant temperature of 65 degrees, the color signal is intelligently detected, and the detection result is automatically interpreted within 40 minutes. The detection hole position is displayed according to the interpretation result. Corresponding to the light of NEG (Negative) and POS (Positive). Realize the monitoring of infectious diseases in cat houses and kennels, rapid screening of pet physical examination, rapid diagnosis of pet clinics, animal husbandry and slaughter, on-site monitoring of agriculture and forestry, real-time monitoring of food safety.


PCR has been established as the “gold standard” technique for DNA amplification. However, the requirement for different working temperatures leads to the need of a thermocycler machine or complex thermal apparatus, which have been preventing its application in novel integrated devices for single workflow and quick analysis. Conversely, LAMP methods have been gaining attention, especially for point-of-care diagnosis and applications. LAMP is a simple process that rapidly and efficiently accumulates nucleic acid sequences at constant temperature.

  • Flexible capacity: 1-4 sample per run;
  • Small: Palm-sized likes cube, light weight (<450g);
  • Accurate: Comparable performance to PCR;
  • Rapid: RNA detecting results in 40 minutes;
  • Simple: Only 4 hands-on step required;
  • Flexible: Loyphilized reagent technology, Free from cold-chain;
  • Intelligent: APP available with Android phone and PC;
  • Reliable: Portable Smart Charging Station Compatible.
Test Procedure
  • Sample preparation 2 mins
  • Run Test  40 mins
  • Result show
Test Menu

Animal Health

  • Feline (FHV/Calicivirus/Cat Mycoplasma/Cat Chlamydia/Cat Distemper)
  • Canine (Canine Parvovirus/Canine Disemper)