Key Features ultrassay Vortex Mixer •   Touch operation or continuous mode •   Variable speed control from 0 to 3000rpm •   Used for various mixing applications with optional adapters •   Specially designed vacuum suction feet for body stablility •   Robust aluminum-cast construction

Model / SpecificationUD-MX-SUD-MX-FUD-MX-E
(Adjustable speed)(Fixed speed)Simple
Mixing motionOrbital
Orbital diameter4mm4.8mm
Motor typeShaded pole motor
Motor rating input58W
Motor rating output10W
Speed range100-3000rpm3000rpm
Speed displayScale
Run typeTouch operation/ContinuousInching
Dimension (W×H×D)127×130×160mm133x133x80mm
Permissible ambient temperature5-40 °C
Permissible relative humidity80%RH
Protection classIP21