CO2 Incubator For Cell Culture

Ultrassay CO2 Incubator is designed to protect valuable samples while optimizing cell growth, also delivers proven reliability, outstanding contamination control, and innovative features to achieve optimal growing conditions and experimental reproducibility for your most demanding cell cultures and lab requirement.

Main Features
LCD Touch Screen

The touch screen is responsive, easy to operate accurate and informative, also offer co2 adjustment, sterilization guidance, sterilization working progress, co2 historical curve, traceable events, clear operation which help user operate co2 incubator easy and simple.

Thrive Active Airflow

Automatic air volume regulation more efficient and accurate control of temperature, humity, CO2 concentration , and cleanliness.

Advance Design

The humidification and inflation design of the independent area brings humidified air and CO2 into the chamber through the circulation system, which can effectively prevent the partial humidity and gas concentration from being too high. advance control technology of condensate water control can effectively reduce the condensate water in the chamber.

Direct Heat & Air-Jacketed

Rapid temperature recovery in the chamber and reduce ambient temperature interface, 9 heating units in 4 temperature control zones are intelligently controlled by microprocessors to ensure temperature uniformity and minimum fluctuation in the chamber.

Rapid Recovery Of CO2 Without Overshoot

Accurate & fast-response CO2 sensor, advanced microprocessor-controlled intake valve and independently controlled heating system to achieve no overshoot, ensuring rapid gas circulation after opening and closing the door, making the CO2 concentration recovered quickly and remained constant.

Complete Contamination Control

All gases entering the incubator are filtered through a 0.2μm filter to remove airborne biological and particulate contaminants, also the gas filter is easily replaceable on site.

HEPA Air Filtration For Air Purity

In-chamber HEPA airflow system filters entire chamber with ISO Class 5 (Class 100) clean room air quality within five minutes after door opening .The particle retention efficiency of the HEPA filter is up 99.995%.

Cyclic High Temperature Sterilization

180℃ dry heat cycle sterilization, the complete process of sterilization takes 12 hours only, no need to take our any accessories during sterilization except HEPA.

Technical Specification
Model MCP-170 CO2 Incubator
Type Direct Heat & Air Jacketed
Range 3ºC above ambient to 55ºC
Uniformity ≤ ±0.3ºC
Accuracy < ±0.1
Recovery ≤10 mins
Ambient 18~34ºC
Controller PID Microcomputer
Range 0-20%
Accuracy ±0.1%
Sensor TC (IR optional)
Recovery ≤5 mins
Sterilization 180ºC dry heating
Mode Integrated pan
rH% 91% @ low rH mode, 94%@ high rH mode
Recovery 15 mins
O2 (Optional tri-gas type)
Controller PID Microcomputer
Range 1~20.7%
Accuracy ±1%
Sensor Zirconia
Recovery O2%@1.0%: 24 mins O2%@5.0%: 10 mins
Basic Parameters
Capacity 170L
External dimension 670x825x920mm
Internal dimension 490.5x560x620.5mm
Shelf Qty 3pcs (Standard)
Max shelf Qty Up to 7 pcs (Optional)
Shelf size 450x485mm (big) 450×440 (small)
Max. Loading of each shelf 12 kg
Power supply 220V AC
Max. Power 1000W
Stable power 42W
Internal structure Polished Steainless Steel
Optional Accessories
rH Sensor 1 pc
O2 Sensor 1 pc
Extra Shelves 4 pcs
Stacking Bracket 1 pc
Alarm and Reminder
Alarms Ambient temp. rH%, Co2%, Water level, O2% (optional)
Reminder HEPA Filter expiration, shotage of gas
  1. 180ºC dry heating
  2. 0.2um filter
  3. HEPA filter

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