SC9100 Semi-automated Liquid Handling Workstation

Ultrassay SC9100 Semi-automated Liquid Handling Workstation is a cost-effective semi-automated pipetting system, it is extremely easy to use, by simplifying tedious and repetitive plate pipetting operations maximumly, increasing pipetting throughput, processing the entire plate simultaneously, improving homogeneity, and reducing overall lab time consumption.

High throughput

It can proceed 96-well pipetting at once and it takes only 4 times to complete 384-well pipetting. It’s the best option of microplate pipetting.

Accuracy, multi-purpose

Choose from 2-3 plates to easily accommodate PCR plates, enzyme plates, cell culture plates, etc. High-throughput pipetting ensures accuracy and stability.

Intelligent Operating System

The navigation process is aligned with life scientist pipetting habits. It makes more visible and intuitive to understand every step and program setup.

Compact design, space-saving

The compact design makes it easier to be put into the biological safety cabinet or on the ultra-clean bench, to support your experiments on molecular biology, protein, cell biology, pharmacology, etc.



Immune Response

Cellular Experiment

Biospecimen Library


Environmental Science

Toxicological Analysis

Molecular Breeding

Technical Specification
Model SC9100 Semi-automated liquid handling workstation
Position 2~3 plates
Throught 96 Channels
Pipetting Type Air Cushion System
Compatible Plates Most standard consumables (SBS standard plates)
Optional Pipette Tips Range Accuracy CV
0.5 ~ 10 μL 1μL±8%; 10μL±2% 1μL ≤ 6%; 10μL ≤ 1.5%
3 ~ 50 μL 5μL±4%; 50μL±1.5% 5μL ≤ 5%; 50μL ≤ 1%
3 ~ 300 μL 10μL±4%; 200μL±0.8% 10μL ≤ 6%; 200μL ≤ 0.5%
10 ~ 1000 μL 10μL±6%; 500μL±0.5% 10μL ≤ 5%; 500μL ≤ 0.4%
Power Supply Input voltage: 100-240vac ± 10%; frequency: 50/60hz± 5%; output: 24V
Power Consumption 180W
Working Environment 5~40° C, 10-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimension 290×220×450mm

*Ultrassay BioTech Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of different specifications.

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