SDC2 Methylation PCR Kit

[REF] UBP-T01648K

[Packing specification] 48Tests/Kit

[Intended use]

UltraDx SDC2 Methylation PCR Kit is used to qualitatively detect the methylation status of SDC2 gene in human fecal samples in vitro.

Compared with normal tissue, SDC2 gene showed a high level of methylation in colorectal cancer and adenoma tissues. It has high clinical value as a diagnostic marker of colorectal cancer[1-3].


UltraDx SDC2 Methylation PCR Kit is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of patients recommended by clinicians for colonoscopy. In the specific clinical application, it is only used as an auxiliary diagnosis for clinicians’ reference. Clinicians should judge according to the actual situation of the case, and should not use the results of this kit as the only basis for clinical diagnosis.

[Test Principles]

The DNA extracted from human fecal samples and transformed by bisulfite was amplified by PCR, and the SDC2 gene and internal reference ACTB (β-actin) gene were detected at the same time. Specific primers and probes are used to distinguish methylated and unmethylated SDC2 gene sequences. The detection probe can specifically bind to the methylation sequence. The internal reference ACTB gene is used to evaluate the quality of DNA in detection. Positive control and negative control are provided in the kit, and both positive control and negative control need to be detected at the same time in each test.

  • High sensitivity: Accurate detection as low as 10 copies/uL.
  • Strong Specificity: The specificity can be reached 100% by using PCR technology.
  • Easy operation: results in 90 mins.
  • Reliable: Internal and External controls are included.
[Acceptable Specimens]

Applicable sample type: Patient’s fecal.

[Applicable Equipment]

Applied Biosystems™ Real time PCR system 7500, ABI QuantStudio™5 Real-time PCR system, LightCycler® 480 PCR system, Bio-Rad CFX96 real-time PCR instrument. Ultrassay eQ9600 Real Time qPCR System etc.