UltraNano Micro Spectrophotometer

UltraNano Micro Spectrophotometer is a full spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometer, which requires 0.5 to 2.0µl of sample. In addition to nucleic acid and protein calculations, the software has preset programs for BCA, Bradford and Lowry assays. A full spectrum analysis can be performed within 6 seconds, aiding in the identification of unknowns. The long life Xenon lamp source requires no warm up and is paried with a highly sensitive CCD detector. To provide the most accurate results, the UltraNano Spectrophotometer utilizes 3 path lengths.

Main Feature
  • Friendly Android operation system, 7-inch touched screen.
  • Cuvette slot available for bacteria/microbe concentration test.
  • Measurement without dilution, test result display and read easily.
  • Long life’s Xenon flash lamp.
  • Only 0- 2μl sample volume requested, which can be recycled after test, ideal for precious samples.
  • Reliable and quick data USB output for analysis.
  • No computer required for measurement and data storage.
  • Image and excel table can be output.
  • External printer is optional
Technical Specification
Sample Volume0.5~2.0μl
Light SourceXenon flash lamp
Wavelength Accuracy1nm
Absorbance Precision0.003Abs
Dimension (W×D×H)270×210×196(mm)
Nucleic Acid Range2~15000ng/ul(ds DNA)
Sample Pedestal304 Stainless steel and Quartz Fiber
Operation SystemAndroid
Path Length0.05mm, 0.2mm, 1.0mm
Detector2048 -element linear silicon CCD array
Spectral Resolution≤3nm(FWHM at Hg 546nm)
Absorbance Accuracy1% (7.332 Abs at 260nm)
Absorbance Range (equaled 10mm)0.02-300A; Cuvette (OD600 ):0~12A
Wavelength200 - 800nm; cuvette (OD600):600±8nm
Measurement Time<6S
Data ExportUSB
Power Adaptor12V 4A
Standby Power5W