UltraDx™ EX-32 Nucleic Acid Purification System

UltraDx™ EX-32 Nucleic Acid Purification System is the latest system launched by our company which been used to automatically extract and purify DNA/RNA, protein, and cells. The magnetic beads and samples are absorbed, transferred and released by the magnetic rod and the magnetic sleeve, Completing automated extraction and purification operations. The operation is automated, fast, and simple. By using a special kit or a 96 deep-well plate, 1 to 32 samples can be operated at the same time. With different kinds of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can extract specimens from the animal and plant tissues, blood and body fluids.

gradeMain Feature

Smart Circular Magnetic Binding

Magnetic beads recovery rate > 99%. Greatly reduce the amount of residual magnetic beads in the system.

Multi-mix model

3 kinds of amplitude, 6 gears of frequency adjustable, adjustable according to different samples and extraction kits to improve extraction efficiency.

Anti-contamination control

Added with 11-level HEPA filter and UV lamp to effectively prevent cross-contamination.

Independent heating block

8 independent deep-well heating blocks that can reduce mutual interference between reactions.

Removable magnetic rod

Easy to maintain and replace. Prolong the life of the machine.

gradeTechnical Specification
ModelUltraDx™ EX-32
PrincipleMagnetic beads method
Processing Volume20-1000μL
Plate Type96 Deep-well plate
Magnetic Rods32
Collection Efficiency>99%
HeatingLysis and elution (room temperature to 125℃)
Mixing ModelSlow, medium, fast, 1-6 gears programmable
ReagentOpen system, suitable for all kinds of reagent
Extraction Time5-45 minutes (depends on project)
Display10″ color graphic display with touch screen, external computer not required
ProtocolsProgrammable and storable, quantity up to millions
Extension Port4 USB, ethernet, mouse, keyboard and barcode scanners supported
DisinfectionUV lamp
Data StorageBuilt-in SSD 
Working Noise51dBA
Working Temperature10-40℃
Working Humidity10-90%
Exterior DimensionD 350 × W 345 × H 400mm