Autofilling-C100 Automated Liquid Dispenser

Autofilling-C100 Automated Liquid Dispenser is widely used to biology, medicine, genomics, and proteomics etc. Provides reliable automatic liquid dispensing solutions for laboratories and researches.

Main Features
  • 5-inch color touch screen, equipped with special dispensing integrated control software, effectively improves dispensing efficiency;
  • Contains liquid separation and exhaust functions to facilitate liquid replacement and pipe cleaning;
  • Programmable to support gradient dispensing, and the dispensing volume of each row of holes can be customized;
  • Dispensing range 10-2500µL;
  • Typical dispensing CV is 1.5%;
  • Can be integrated with external Auto-stacker;
  • Using a syringe to dispense liquids, the system is stable and reliable;
  • Chinese and English interface, easy switching;
  • Suitable for 24, 96 and 384 well standard microplates and deep well plates;
  • Low-maintenance design, one-click to choose to work with or without a Auto-stacker;
  • Users can choose three different dispensing speeds: “high/medium/low”, suitable for various dispensing applications from low speed to high speed;
Technical Specification
Model Autofilling-Robot Autofilling-S200 Autofilling-C100
Applicable Container 24, 48, 96, 384-well microplates, deep well plates etc.
Robot Arm Yes with Auto-stacker No (upgradable) No
Display 5’’ inch touch screen
Gradient Dispensing Support
Capacity 10~5000μL 10~5000μL 10~2500μL
Min. Increment 1μL 1μL 1μL
Dispensing Speed High/Middle/Low
Dispensing Time <20s <20s 11s
Accuracy ± 1μL @ 10μL

± 1μL @ 20μL

±1% @>100μL

CV <5% CV @10μL

<2.5% CV @20μL

<1% CV @>100μL

Max. Plate Qty 50pcs 96-well microplate

72pcs 384-well microplate

14pcs 2.0ml DWP

1pc 96-well microplate

or 384-well microplate

or 2.0ml DWP

1pc 96-well microplate

or 384-well microplate

or 2.0ml DWP

Noise ≤60dB
Air Flow 50L/min
Air Input Pressure 5.5bar (80PSI) ~ 5.7bar (87PSI)
Power Supply 110V~220V 50/60Hz
Power Rate 0.2Kw 0.1Kw 0.1Kw
Dimension 970x687x938mm 330x400x150mm 293x332x140mm
Weight 35kg 7.5kg 6.5kg
Working Enviroment 10~40°C, 80%RH

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