MicroSpin-16KR Micro Refrigerated Centrifuge

MicroSpin-16KR Micro Refrigerated Centrifuge is designed for sensitive samples/reagents which should be maintained at low temperature during the centrifugation. It is an indispensable tool for PCR experiments, suitable for 4x8PCR strips and 24×1.5/2.0ml centrifuge tubes, Small size, easy to move, especially recommended for personal use.

Key Feature
  • MicroSpin-16KR micro refrigerated centrifuge is melt housing, safe & compact, it is of microprocessor control, less noise & fast cooling.
  • Brush-less motor, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and down.
  • The flexible axle driven system which drive the rotor directly, smooth in operation and small vibration.
  • There are many rotors for your choice, suitable for various specifications meet customers’ different requirements.
  • LCD display the RCF, time and speed.
  • Safe lid lock with insert alarm & over-speed protection.
  • Temperature range: -20℃~40℃(it is relative with environment temperature).
Technical Specification
Max. Speed 16000rpm
Max. RCF 19040×g
Max. Capacity 10 x 5ml
Time Range 0~99h59min
RPM/RCF Convert Yes
Noise (dB) ≤ 55
Temperature -20℃~40℃
Acc/Dec 10 Kinds
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min
Temperature Accuracy /
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ
Size (W x D x Hmm) 480×480×275mm
Net Weight (Kg) 48KG
Avalaible Rotors
Order No Rotor Max speed (rpm) Max Volume (ml) Max RCF (g)
No.31447 Angle rotor 14000 4×8PCR 13720
No.31001 Angle Rotor 16000 40×0.2ml 19040
No.30416 Angle Rotor 13000 30×0.5ml 13900
No.30402 Angle Rotor 13000 40×0.5ml 17210
No.30401 Angle Rotor 16000 12×1.5/2ml 16260
No.30405 Angle Rotor 14000 20×1.5/2ml 15580
No.30403 Angle Rotor 14000 24×1.5/2ml 17950
No.30404 Angle Rotor 12000 48×1.5/2ml 15280
No.31004 Angle Rotor 16000 10×5ml 17800
No.30451 Angle Rotor 12000 24 pieces capillary vessel 15800
No.30437 Angle Rotor 12000 12 pieces capillary vessel 14800

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