UltraSpin 30KR Refrigerated Centrifuge

UltraSpin 30KR Refrigerated Centrifuge is an intelligent, ultra-high speed centrifuge  runs up to 31000rpm. The centrifuge is a large capacity which can accommodate 0.2ml to 1000ml tubes/bottles. It is widely used to medical, chemical, agriculture and research etc.

Key Feature
  • Maintenance-free AC frequency conversion motor speed regulation, high precision, low noise;
  • 7″ HD color touch screen: can store up to 100 groups of commonly used programs,can simultaneously display speed (centrifugal force) time, cavity temperature, lifting gear, rotor number, fault code,  speed, time, temperature and other parameters can be modified in the centrifugal process;
  • Rotating head dynamic inertial detection to increase the safety of operators;
  • The rotor has self-locking function,safe and reliable;
  • The rotor automatic identification system can set the limit speed of the rotor to prevent overspeed;
  • Constant speed timing function: the running time starts from reaching the set speed;
  • Electric lock cover device,to achieve the best running performance;
  • A separate short spin gym is provided to meet different needs of users;
  • The motor is equipped with unbalance protection mechanism,beyond the set unbalance value of the motor automatically stop;
  • Temperature range:-20°C to +40°C. Inteligent standby cooling function ensures reliable refrigeration of sensitive samples before and after centrifugation, even at the highest rotational speed, and can keep centrifugation sample temperature ≤4°C;
  • 10 Acceleration and deceleration preset curves;
  • SoFT function for gentle start and brake.
Technical Specification
Max. Speed 31000rpm
Max. RCF 106848xg
Max. Capacity 6 x 1000ml
Time Range 0~99h59min or HOLD
RPM/RCF Convert Yes
Noise (dB) ≤ 62
Temperature -10℃~40℃
Acc/Dec 100 Kinds
Speed Accuracy ±50rpm
Temperature Accuracy /
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ
Size (W x D x Hmm) 790×923×920mm
Net Weight (Kg) 270KG
Matched Rotors
No. Capacity Max. Speed Max. RFC
01 8x50ml Angle Rotor (Ti-alloy) 31000 rpm 106848 xg
02 8x50ml Angle Rotor 25000 rpm 75620 xg
03 24x15ml Angle Rotor 25000 rpm 74200 xg
04 6x50ml Angle Rotor (Ti-alloy) 31000 rpm 103326 xg
05 48×1.5/2.2ml Angle Rotor 22000 rpm 52524 xg
06 18x10ml Angle Rotor 21000 rpm 49800 xg
07 10x100ml Angle Rotor 18000 rpm 47900 xg
08 6x100ml Angle Rotor 16000 rpm 33123 xg
09 12x50ml Angle Rotor 15000 rpm 31991 xg
10 8x15ml Angle Rotor (Conical) 15000 rpm 25956 xg
11 6x250ml Angle Rotor 13500 rpm 30300 xg
12 12x50ml Angle Rotor (Conical) 12000 rpm 23310 xg
13 6x500ml Angle Rotor 10000 rpm 17248 xg
14 6x1000ml Angle Rotor 8000 rpm 14766 xg
15 4x1000ml Angle Rotor 9000 rpm 17054 xg
16 20x50ml Adapter 9000 rpm 10823 xg
17 36x15ml Adapter 9000 rpm 11253 xg
18 4x750ml Swing-out Rotor 4200 rpm 3060 xg

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