Figure 1. UltraDx iCytal detection histogram after excessive cell digestion

  • 10μL whole sample electrical impedance counting, counting is not affected by cell shape
  • Accurately distinguish cell debris from cells and can be counted separately
  • Take 50 images on the fly, provide live rate and clustering information, combined with intelligent algorithms, the results are more accurate
  • While accurately counting, it can solve the imaging problems caused by cell stratification of small cells such as mouse cells and PBMCs
  • Calculated separately for cells of different sizes according to cell size
Model UltraDx-S1 UltraDx-S2 UltraDx-S3
Chip Consumable Unnecessary
Sample Volume 10μL
Detection Concentration 1×10^4~1×10^7cells/mL 1×10^4~2×10^7cells/mL, up to 4×10^7cells/mL
Detect Particle Size 3~30μm
Detection Time 20~30, depending on cell concentration
Image Module x (Upgradeable to S2)
Gain 5 times
Active Judgment x Trypan Blue Trypan Blue
Automatic Dyeing Function x x
Automatic Cleaning
Diameter Selection
Dilution Calculation
Data input and output All-in-one machine, equipped with stylus; USB2.0, Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Interface
CV Value ≤5%
Application Direction Suitable for PBMC, mouse cells, nerve cells, tumor cells, yeast and other cells

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