Mini Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Ultrassay Mini Ultra Low Temperature freezer is specially designed and manufactured for long term storage of various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leucocyte and cutis. Applications can be found in blood banks, hospitals, edipemic prevention service, and research institutes, laboratories in electronic and chemical plants and biological engineering institutes.

Main Feature
Super-Cooling Technology

Auto-cascade cooling system designed with powerful compressor which drives the unique CFC-Free refrigerant for fast cabinet cooling down. The system is simple in construction, energy saving and easy maintenance.

Advanced Thermal Insulation

Advanced insulation materials and interior design of multiple independent spaces make ULTs more efficient in Insulation and less heat loss, so as to achieve the purpose of better thermal insulation performance and energy saving.

Multi-layer Sealing Design

Multi layers gasket sealing on the outer big door and inner small door to keep last cooling loss to achieve best temperature uniformity and less fluctutation.

10 Type of Alarm

High and low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, high and low voltage alarm, sensor failure alarm, low battery alarm, condenser heat dissipation alarm, system failure alarm, etc, to ensure the safety of stored samples. Start-up delay and shutdown interval protection functions ensure reliable operation.

2 Large Intelligent LCD Screen Visual Management

10-inch high-performance LCD capacitive screen, sensitive touch operation; intuitive display of inside temperature.


CFC-Free refrigerant & insulation.

Energy Saving

Green Refrigerant with high cooling efficient with less power consumption.

International Certifications

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 ISO 13485 CE UL approved.

Technical Specification
Model Shelf/Drawer




Insulation Chamer/Out Shell Racks Boxes

(2 Inches)

Samples Loading QTY (2ml)
MDF-86V58 Stainless steel shelf/1 635*757*1212mm PURF Stainless steel/Color sprayed steel 2(6X2) 24 2400

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