LBC Cytocentrifuge - Cytoprep

Ultrassay LBC Cytocentrifuge (Liquid-based thin-layer cell detection system) is a technology that cells are stored in cell preservation solution, and removes the blood, mucus and other interfering components and cell morphology is maintained. Then, by using membrane filtration and specific gravity centrifugation principle of the liquid-based thin-layer cell preparation instrument, cells will be uniformly dispersed and attached to specially treated glass slides to make the cells smear slides, thus forming cytological smears slides that meet international diagnostic standards.

Main Feature

Convenient Operation

(1) special slides preparation device, one-step rapid handling, easy slides unloading, time saving and labor saving;

(2) one-time automatic slides preparation of 1-40 pcs, which takes only 3 minutes;

(3) 16 or 40 through-put available for selection.

High Compatibility

(1) the cell preservation solution is suitable for a variety of cytological specimens;

(2) rapid staining program;

(3) papanicolaou and hematoxylin-eosin staining available.

High Quality Slides Smear

(1) 1.8cm diameter slides smear, convenient to read;

(2) Multiple slides of the same quality can be made repeatedly from the same specimen;

(3) The background of the slides smear is clear, and the cells are abundant and evenly distributed.

Main Consumables

Liquid-based thin-layer cells slide preparation instrument, cells preservation solution, cells filter, staining solution, etc.