MDF-150H128 -150℃ Cryogenic Freezer

Ultrassay -150℃ Cryogenic Freezer in response to a growing demand for cryo-preservation solutions following medical and scientific advances, such as the increased use of cryopreserved oocytes in IVF and stem cells in transplants. the freezer is suitable for storage of a varieties of biological samples such as viruses, erythrocytes, leukocytes, cutis, skeleton, sperms, oceanic products, special test materials and even electronic products for testing. It can be installed in institutions including blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, and research laboratories.

Main Feature
Under Extreme conditions

The units are made of high-quality coated cold-rolled steel exterior and stainless steel interior, which is antibacterial, anti-corrosive, long service life and easy to clean.

Max. Electrical Safety

The unit has comprehensive protection measures for electrical safety and refrigeration system safety, ensuring the users can use it safely and confidently.

High Quality Materials

Multi layers gasket sealing on the outer big door and inner small door to keep last cooling loss to achieve best temperature uniformity and less fluctutation.

Optimized Fluctuation

Maintain superior temperature stability @-150°C. Precise temperature control provides stable temperature fluctuation between -148°C and -152°C in the chamber (-150±2°C).

Super Thick Insulation

10 years CFC-free high density foam insulation with 200mm thickness minimizes the cold loss effectively and lock the cold air inside.The step-style door lid is designed with 240mm thick foaming insulation and multiple layers of sealing gaskets to provide a secure seal and prevent cold air from escaping.

Super Cooling

World leading cooling performance. Advanced multi-stage flash evaporation refrigeration techno-logy, super fast cooling to -150°C in only 230 minutes (@ambient 25 °C  380V/50Hz).

Safety Protection
200mm The unit is equipped with comprehensive safety protectionsfor users. Electrical protections include an emergency stop button, phase failure protector, earth leakage protector, and overload protector. Additionally, the refrigeration system is equipped with a mechanical pressure gauge for monitoring system pressure.
User-Friendly Design

The unit are equipped with user-friendly features. The self-suspended lid can automatically hover, making it convenient for users to access samples. The magnetic quick-release condenser mask makes it easier to clean the filter.

Technical Specification
Model Capacity (L/cu.ft) Dimensions


Compressor Brand/QTY Display Chamber/Out Shell Dimension (W*D*H) Cooling Type
MDF-150H128 128/4.5 -40℃~-150℃ TECUMSEH/1 LCD display Stainless steel/Color sprayed steel 1560*957*1178mm Direct Cooling

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