ETC821D Thermal Cycler Plus

ETC821D is a Double-block model meticulously built on the basis of the classic ETC821 model. The instrument adopts a Double-block module design and can run two different PCR programs independently. It is especially suitable for small throughput such as teaching and scientific research PCR experiment.

Key Features

One machine with multiple uses
Double-block module design can run different programs independently
Two 48-well*0.2ml modules can be set up separately to run programs, independently and in parallel, flexible to meet the various needs of users for PCR experiments.The experiment is more secure
Ultra-long life Peltier
◆Using Marlow series Peltier , higher quality and longer life.
◆The early warning function of the working status of the Peltier, which automatically evaluates the health status of Peltier, and provides maintenance recommendations, so that you will be confident in the smooth completion of the experiment and will know the reliable use of the instrument.

Intelligent operation experience
Minimal software interface, powerful system functions
◆Windows style operation interface, easy to use for software operation.
◆One-click data import and export, U disk upgrade, efficient and convenient conversion between stations.
◆Personal file management system, separate protection of program data.
◆A variety of interfaces can be switched at needs for browsing, observation, maintenance to research.

Inherited classic features
Professional temperature control, excellent performance
◆Intelligent suppression of non-specific amplification
◆Perfect constant rate temperature change
◆Intelligent suppression of reagent evaporation in small volumes