Ultrassay® uSC Temperature measurement system

Ultrassay® uSC Temperature measurement system is a high-precision temperature measurement system with independent intellectual property rights successfully launched by Ultrassay BioTech Co., Ltd. after years of research & development of temperature control equipment and mastering a number of proprietary technologies.

Ultrassay® uSC Temperature measurement system can collect and verify the temperature of PCR instruments of various brands and multiple blocks in real time. It conforms to the international “JFF1527-2015 Polymerase Chain Reaction Analyzer Calibration Specification”.

Ultrassay® uSC Temperature measurement system is composed of a thermometer, a temperature monitoring probe and PC analytical software, which is lightweight and convenient while meeting the needs of high-precision temperature collection. A full set of tools is placed in a special suitcase, which can meet the needs of users in different occasions.



With an accumulation of time in the use of thermal cycler, the semiconductor components will deteriorate and the local temp. control will not be accurate. Thermal cyclers of same brand or even same model will show different temp. performance after long-term use, therefore, a regular calibration of thermal cycler is required, that to avoid affecting the experimental process and result due to instrument’s failure.


The temp. control curves of different brands and models of thermal cyclers are different. Ultrassay® uSC temp. measurement system can quickly and intuitively find the difference in temperature control, so as to adjust the parameters of the amplification program and quickly improve the PCR amplification efficiency.


Ultrassay® uSC temperature measurement system can collect and calibrate the temp. of different brands and different blocks (384, 96, 48, 32, 16, 8-well) of the thermal cycler (the manufacturer needs to provide permission or port to modify the temperature control parameters of the thermal cycler).


Ultrassay® uSC temperature measurement system is a multichannel temperature measurement device, which can simultaneously measure and display multiple wells or multiple temperature value change curves of the thermal cycler, and record various temp. indicators in real time. The number of temp. probes and probe position can also be customized to meet the needs of different users.

Technical Specification
Temperature range 0~120°C
Accuracy ±0.05°C
Resolution 0.01°C
Number of proble 1, 3, 6, 16pcs or customized
Probe Position Standard or Customized
Temp. collection frequency 0.5~10s adjustable, default 1s/time
Curve graph Real-time display
Data output Excel/FDF temperature report
Recommended calibration cycle 1 year
PC Operation system Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10 etc.
Application scope Thermal Cycler, qPCR System, Dry Bath and other thermal instruments
Controller dimension 122x84x25mm
Controller weight 255g
Thermometer dimension 118x82x20mm
Thermometer weight 100g

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