ETC821 Thermal Cycler Pro

ETC821,a beautiful and smart thermal cycler, developed on the basis of the classic ETC811. While inheriting the classical features, more intelligent, humanized and practical technological elements are added to provide a very smooth sense of operation

Key Features

Personal Documents Management System
●Personal password    ●Personal interface   ●Personal template   ●Personal file   ●Personal log
Users can create personal accounts and set personal passwords to protect data individually. Only you or your authorized person can use the program to prevent others from modifying or mistakenly removing programs.
The experiment is more secure
● Concise main interface    ● Dynamic step    ● Dynamic curve   ● Engineering interface
Switch interface to meet various needs such as browsing, observation, maintenance, and research.

Smart sense of operation
● Windows style interface    ● Programming on template    ● Guided setup    ● Dynamic color    ● Animation runner    ● Auto hot-lid   ●Used file list

Especially for industrial users
● Program protection    ● One-click import/export    ● U disk upgrade    ● Self-test    ● Run log    ● Maintenance record    ● Temperature calibration
Maintenance reminder
The PC series of long life thermal module will bring more than 30% life extension to the machine than the previous generation.
Maintenance reminder function automatically evaluates Peltier’s operation status and maintenance index according to the frequency of use of the instrument, and gives maintenance suggestions, so that you can grasp the reliability of the instrument, which is conducive to the successful completion of the experiment.