UltraAmp-48 Real-time PCR System

UltraAmp-48 Real-time PCR System is a 48-well high-throughput real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system which is used together with supporting detection reagents to conduct qualitative, quantitative detection or scientific analysis in non-clinical DNA/RNA samples.

UltraAmp-48 Real-Time PCR System has 6 independent blocks which can run 6 different experiments simutaneously, each block has 8×0.2ml reaction wells, ultra-fast heating rate up to 10°C/s, 6/8 color dyes are optional, small size less than an A3 paper.


With rapid temperature rise and fall functions, high-precision temperature control and an efficient thermal cycle system, it can complete PCR amplification in as fast as 30 minutes, greatly speeding up the detection process.

High accuracy

The well-to-well temp. uniformity reaches ±0.1°C, allowing for rapid and accurate detection of gene expression differences as low as 1.5-fold. The excellent optical system combines sensitivity and stability, providing you with highly sensitive, accurate and reliable data.


Supporting up to 8 colors of fluorescence, multiple targets or genes can be detected simultaneously, Greatly improving detection throughput and efficiency.


Up to 6 blocks are provided. Each sub-block is integrated with an independent temperature control system and heating cover, which can be controlled and operated independently, making the equipment more flexible and easy to use, and can also adapt to different experimental needs.

Portable size

Less than the size of an A3 paper and weighing less than 10 kg, UltraAmp-48 can be run directly after being moved without any calibration, making it easy to place, carry and use.

High compatibility

The open system is compatible with a variety of reagents and experimental protocols on the market, making it convenient for users to conduct experiments according to different needs.

Easy operation

UltraAmp-48 with a friendly operating interface easy to use. Unique SOP design and automatic result interpretation functions make it easy to obtain conclusions. Covers a variety of analysis modes: qualitative/quantitative, standard melting curve, end-point allele identification, high-resolution melting curve (HRM), isothermal amplification, etc.

Multiple gradients

6 independent and precise temp. control areas, with no limit on temperature differences between adjacent areas. 6 experiments with different temp. gradients and time gradients can be set up simultaneously to find the best reaction conditions by comparing the amplification effects at different temperatures or holding times.

Technical Specification
Sample Capacity 48 wells (6x8x0.2ml)
Parallel Experiment 6 independent blocks, which can run 6 different experiments simutaneously
Consumables 0.2ml PCR tube, 0.1ml 4-strips
Reaction Volume 15~100ul
Dynamic Range 1-1010 Copies
Light Source High brightness and long life LED (Maintainless)
Detector PDM
Dyes CH1: FAM, SYBR;         CH2: HEX, JOE, VIC, TET;
CH3: ROX, TEXRAD;      CH4: CY5;
CH5: QUASAR705;        CH6: ATTO425;CH7: Optional;            CH8: Optional
Sensitivity 1 Copy
Rn ≥0.999
CV ≤1%
Block setting range 4~99ºC
Temp. control mode Fast, Standard
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1ºC
Temp. Uniformity ±0.1ºC
Avg. Heating Rate 10ºC/s
Avg. Cooling Rate 8ºC/s
Hot lid 30ºC-120ºC (105ºC default, temp. adjustable) automatic hot lid
Operating system Windows 7/10/11 etc.
Communication Interface USB
Software functions Built-in two-steps, three-steps, LAMP, RPA methods’ PCR program templates, free extraction reagent PCR program template and other common ones.
It has functions of system setting (password permission), experimental parameter settings, sample information input, operation management, data export EXCEL, general view of PCR program, real-time amplification curve display, channel crosstalk correction, criterion setting, automatic report, curve capture, etc.
Operating ambient Ambient temperature: 10-30ºC, relative humidity: 20-85% RH,
Input power 100-240V 50-60Hz 600W
Dimension 343x295x157mm
Net weight 9kg

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